Godzilla Unleashed - first look

Sell the house, Marge! When radioactive dinosaurs throw down, no real estate is safe

All guy-in-rubber-suit jokes aside, who wouldn't want to be the title titan in a Japanese giant monster movie? You get to stomp around, belch laser beams, munch on some people or maybe a nuclear reactor, and demolish every single thing in your path as you defend your hood from other 200-ton freaks of nature. Then, some toy company makes an action figure that looks like you. What's not to love?

This basic philosophy looks to be proven true by the latest in publisher Atari's line of monster brawlers, Godzilla Unleashed. It's all about taking command of one of 16 colossal combatants and pounding the unnaturally huge crap out of each other.

Granted, there's not a ton of wiggle room within the base concept: you still have 30-story lizards, mecha, insects, and aliens throwing down and flattening entire cityscapes. But fans of the first two games in this series will still notice the graphics have been completely overhauled, things are more destructible than ever (literally every building can be reduced to rubble, bit by bit) and the fighting system has been rebooted.

The Wii version utilizes the controller to particularly gratifying effect - the Z button crouches, A is a high attack and B a low one (the exact attacks differ from creature to creature, but the basic theme is the same, to make it easier to switch characters). But, by adding swipes and slashes to the button presses, and you get jumps, uppercuts, dashes, a hammer-fisted slam, and other bone-shattering moves. The moves can happen simultaneously, too- you don't have to stop dashing forward to deliver a roundhouse punch, for example.


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