God of War: Ascension phoenix feather and gorgon eye locations guide



When you arrive at the tower on your giant snake and you’re inside, head down the spiral ramp to find a Phoenix Feather at the dead end.


Following on from above, ascend the inner spiral to the next level of the tower and pass the ladder to the left is a chest containing a Gorgon Eye.


After grappling your way along another giant snake train, go left to discover another grapple point that will give you access to a chest of red orbs and a Gorgon Eye.



Once you’ve acquired the Lightning of Zeus, go through the gates, climb up to the next level and double back on yourself on the topside of the snake to reach the chest containing the Phoenix Feather.


Beginning from the gates that held the Lightning of Zeus, climb up to the top of the snake and drop off the side to the adjacent snake. 



Now that you’re in the safety of a temple, you’ll be brutally attacked by a Cerberus. Give him a beat down and pull out the ramp in the center of the room. To the left is a green noxious looking gas billowing from some mysterious origin. Enter the cloud of fumes to temporarily usher in the aeons of time to your surroundings so that a previously impenetrable stone wall or door will collapse with a gentle thrashing. Head away from the gas to the right side of the platform and tear down the door that lies between you and your next Gorgon Eye and Phoenix Feather.


After the cutscene, take a deep breath of some of that lovely green gas again and break down the door at the top of the right staircase. There’s a statue in the corridor that you will need to push into the room nearest to the top of the stairs. Maneuver it into the notch on the floor on the right of the room and step into the Medusa Beam gas to make a platform drop onto the top of the statue, giving you access to another Gorgon Eye and Feather.


Taking the staircase to the left, you will find another statue that you will need to push into the room closest to the staircase on this side to solve the puzzle and get to the chests. Drag the statue onto the pressure plate in the middle of the room to switch the gates over. Step into the Medusa Beam, drag the statue away from the pressure plate then wait in the gap between the gates for the effect of the gas to wear off. Once it does, the gates will change over leaving you on the side with the chests full of red orbs, a Phoenix Feather and a Gorgon Eye.



Once you’ve added the Soul of Hades to your repertoire and faced two statues that got sick of being wall flowers and wanted a little action, ascend the ladder and head right to enter a large hall with a spiked floor and a couple of chandeliers dangling precariously above it. Jump onto the first chandelier and grapple the snake heads open to release the gas and send the light fixtures heading earthward. Get across the segments of floor as fast as you can and jump off onto the second chandelier as the gas wears off and it begins to rise again. Grapple the snake heads on this chandelier and make your way to the top of the sloping floor segment where you must jump off, grapple the wall and get ready to hit Square to smash through the door and land safely on a spike free floor. Now you can stroll back a few paces and pick up the Feather and the Gorgon Eye.


After you’ve made your way to the floor of the hourglass room and killed the enemies barring your way, step onto the round switch in the immediate area to permanently open the door on the right. Pull the switch in here to activate the Medusa Beam on the right side of the main room. Step into the Medusa Beam and go back to where the switch was to break down the door in the right alcove and find a Gorgon Eye.


The Phoenix Feather is in the hourglass room through the door on the left. To open this, you’ll need to enter the Medusa Beam, go to the left side of the room and pull down the pillar so that you can scale the left wall and reach the chandelier. Grapple and swing over to the top level of the room and pull the lever on the left to open up the door to the top level of room where the two statues previously came to life. Enter the Medusa Beam and follow the walkway around to break open the door on the right side of the room – you’ll need to use this exit in a minute. Go back to the room with the statues and drop down a level to initiate a fight with some random monsters and whilst you’re down there, manoeuvre the statue on the left in front of the fireplace. Climb back up, activate the Medusa Beam, drop down to where you left the statue and push it onto the fallen platform which will act as a lift when the gas wears off, leaving you and the statue back on the top level of the room. Drag the statue past the Medusa Beam, through the demolished doorway and onto the floor of the hourglass room. Now slide it over to the switch to open the left doorway and get the Phoenix Feather.



When the cutscene with the Oracle has finished, go straight ahead and jump over to the ledge in front of you. Shimmy to the right through a secret passage to reach the Phoenix Feather.



  • luis-prieb - July 19, 2014 8:43 p.m.

    Hi, great guide! Though I happened to find a gorgon eye that was not included. I found it before gorgon eye 19 (making it the true gorgon eye 19). In the prison of the damned (part 2), right at the beginning, after defeating the cerberus and healing this huge construction, upon entering there is a staircase to the right that leads to a secret room where the gorgon eye is hidden. Now we can get full healing ever earlier in the game :D
  • bercoelho - July 20, 2014 2:48 p.m.

    I think the game has 28 eyes and 23 feathers total, from what I've heard. The guide was indeed good, but I wanted all the chests locations to obtain the 1000 orbs you get after maximizing your health and/or mana. It would help a lot more to max all weapon upgrades
  • ultimatepunchrod - March 27, 2013 8 p.m.

    Just wanted to say thanks for this guide. I went through once on normal and maxed out both meters, but it was well after the statue's feet. Now that I'm playing through on Titan difficulty, I wanted to max them out as soon as I could. Also, thanks for adding a bit of humor to the guide.
  • Shabana_Arif - January 12, 2014 5:31 a.m.

    Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback :)

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