God of War PSP eyes unlocked CPU power

God of War: Chains of Olympus developer Ready at Dawn has revealed it's planning to take advantage of the full power of PSP's CPU, which was unlocked in firmware update 3.50 last month.

The firmware update allowed developers to make use of the processor's full 333MHz clock speed; previously it was capped at 266MHz, although most games have actually run at 222MHz.

"Everything that was shown of GoW: Chains of Olympus so far was runing at 222Mhz like everyone else. We are planning on having the final game run at 333Mhz but this likely won't be just to improve the graphics which we think are already pretty awesome," Ready at Dawn president Didier Malenfant told Kotaku.

Malenfant issued the statement in response to a blog post from Chains of Olympus creative director Cory Barlog in which he said the game will definitely use 333MHz.

"Cory also makes a joke in his post about 1080p on PSP. This, ironically, is not a joke at all," Malenfant added.

"We are able to render the game at 1080p if we want to, thanks to a feature of the 2.0 version of our engine. It doesn't run in real-time but the results look awesome, even with the assets we built for the regular screen size."

June 26, 2007


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