God of War III Challenge of Olympus guide

A reasonably easy challenge, as long as you've got the proper technique down. In this room, you have to kill a few rounds of Minotaurs and soldiers without being gored by the former or grabbed by the latter. The simplest way to achieve this is to use LI circle on the horny a-holes (this breaks up the Minotaur's gore attack), and L1 square on the soldiers (which will knock most of them away). The grab attack you use on the Minotaurs will also most likely knock them out of the arena if you repeat it enough. When you get to the final round - that contains both Minotaurs and soldiers - just press the analogue sticks to start the Rage of the Gods, then spam the triangle attack. This should kill most of the baddies, leaving you with the simple task of clearing the others up with the techniques from the previous rounds.