God of War II - Colossus battle

Unfortunately the mighty mannequin is one step ahead, snatching Kratos out of the air and, in one movement, slamming him into the side of the nearest building. The impact shakes the earth but once Kratos has slid down and plucked his teeth from the masonry, he’s back to the brutal knuckle-rapping. As the Colossus staggers back from the relentless digit abuse, Kratos attempts the catapult launch once more - this time with greater success - and lands square on the monstrosity’s torso. Now things really start to heat up.

The game now switches to a playable cut-scene where, with the help of on-screen prompting, a series of action buttons must be pressed to allow Kratos to dodge the flailing arms of Colossus and launch himself at the statue’s face. The final button press allows Kratos to pop open the massive eyelid and puncture the eyeball with his blade. Writhing in pain, Colossus grasps Kratos and hurls him to the other side of the level.

This epic struggle continues across the crumbling city, with Kratos continually scrambling up Colossus like a demented Numbskull, attempting to blind the stone giant further. Then comes some godly intervention as the voice of Zeus himself booms out from the heavens. Kratos cries out that he needs no assistance, but soon finds the Sword of Olympus embedded in ground before him nonetheless.
Unfortunately, for the sword to be wielded it must first be powered up – which mean Kratos must drain his red orb reserves, energy and magical power into the huge blade before ripping it from the earth. So, all in the space of the opening level, Kratos has been dethroned, made man-sized and now stripped entirely of his powers. Fortunately he’s still ‘pretty good at fighting’ and has an unnatural thirst for violence, so he takes his new blade and bursts into the stomach of Colossus to - get this - attack him from the inside.


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