God of War: Chains of Olympus

The story of Chains of Olympus sets you on a mythical, bloody journey of carnage that sees Kratos travel to ancient lands no man has ever set foot in and having to choose between his own deliverance or saving the ancient world from total annihilation. From what we played, everything you’d expect from a God of War game is here with a few tweaks to cope with the squeeze onto the PSP. Most notably, rolling (usually mapped to the right analogue stick) is executed by holding both the shoulder buttons and tapping the nub in either direction.

In all honesty, the controls feel odd and a little clunky. When an enemy comes at you hard, the time your character takes to react feels slower than on PS2. Still, these are nothing more than simple teething problems GoW junkies will forgive and forget once they see developer Ready at Dawn’s blistering prequel in action. And after all, the control scheme on PS2 was something we’d all become used to since the first game’s release. Cutscenes look a little rough around the edges, too. We’re sure that these will be jazzed up in the finished version, but you can tell where aspects of the main game have been shaved back in order to keep the in-game experience as eye-bleedingly brutal as you remember.


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