God of War: Chains of Olympus

From the moment the battle kicks off, you%26rsquo;re snapping enemies in two, swirling bone breaking chain combos like they%26rsquo;re going out of style and delivering trademark killer blows that require a little button-bashing finesse. Unlike previous entries though, there was no nub rotation required for slamming a Basilisk - the demo%26rsquo;s mini-boss creature we fought - into walls and floors. Instead, these cutscene moments were played out over button rhythm taps much like before. It seems that these new control modifications are not just necessary for the port, but also spice things up a little.

After battling the Basilisk, you get your first dose of the new magic types that Ready at Dawn has shoehorned in. Naturally, you have to fight for it and the mouthy brawler, a Persian warlord, takes an easy kicking before giving up the ghost and passing on his mighty magic. Said power is a giant fiery torso wielding a ruddy great hammer that devastatingly crushes anything or anyone nearby. A beat later and we%26rsquo;re back outside and on a city wall firing a magically enhanced arrow at the Basilisk - still alive and very much still on the hunt - before we%26rsquo;re off to fight a twenty-ton troll in a cavernous cave system. This requires the usual blend of dodge, duck, dive, slash %26lsquo;em and gash %26lsquo;em tactics until the big unsightly bugger gives up with a might roar as we yank his ugly eyeball right out of his head. Nice!