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    Hold triangle circle square x and select
    Get Ghost Energy Quick
    If u r running low on ghost energy 4 any of ur guns shoot a rat and u will get some
    NOTE: if u shoot a rat, leave the room then wait 4 a minute and go back in and the rat will be alive again
    Slides of Montsaye Murder
    The first time you visit Montsaye High (The very first level) after freeing the ghosts. After the cut scene with Hawksmoor and Anna in the attic, buyt before YOU go there. In one of the classrooms, it is a science-ish room. On a table near the window is a TV and a slide projector. Go up to the projector and an option for action appears. (Push, or activate or something) Press this button to see a mysterious shadowy figure. Press it again to see another image. Keep on doing this until you come back to the original slide.
    View Ghosts
    After you've captured the medieval ghosts after you've captured the blue spook and the revenant in the attic there will be a cut scene and you'll be able to view the ghosts you've captured through a viewing panel where Lazarus released the ghosts at any time throughout the game!
    NOTE:You can only view the ghosts when you are at Montsaye High.
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