Ghostbusters The Video Game

As for vehicles, details are still partially shrouded in ghostly developer-fog. One we do know about is set en route to Times Square: you ‘escort’ the Ectomobile as it wades through a barrage of ghosts, sucking the spooks into a big Ghost Trap on the back. Sounds like an on-rails Proton-aiming bit? Yep. No proper driving bits at all, sadly.

The Wii version is its own beast compared to PS3 and 360 - lovingly stylized and designed with the system’s multiplayer strengths in mind. Not only will it have all 10 or so single-player levels, from the streets of New York to the mysterious 'Lost Island,' but also a bulging grab bag of multiplayer modes and minigames. There’s no Wi-Fi planned - but the devs promise Ghostbusters is “always fun” with you and three friends.

Red Fly aims to bust ‘screen-watchers’ with the 4 player ‘Busters vs. Ghosts’ mode. This is a 2-on-2 multiplayer game that comes in two flavors. The first is a simple “team that catches the most ghosts wins” game. Then you’ve got a mode with no ghosts at all - where you simply need to damage as much furniture as possible. To make things even more interesting, players controlling a ghost have their environments rendered entirely differently (in the supernatural) to the Ghostbusters. So even if you peek at their screen, it’s tough to tell where they are. Red Fly also promises “so many maps it’ll almost feel like it’s randomized.”


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