Ghostbusters The Video Game

We played The Graveyard level - a murky, spooky stalk up a rocky path. It starts with nightmare-inducing glow babies emerging from the dirt - these Wisp-Class ghosts can be dispensed with one burst of the Proton Beam. But by the end, you’re up against a colossal ghost boss with a gravestone on his head. This fella needs coordination: you’ve got your little team of Wii-controlled Ghostbusters (proper, talking ones from the movie), intelligently searching for Proton Beam and Ghost Trap points. You all need to train your beams on the boss’s head when he jack-in-the-boxes up from underground. Eventually, he’ll make a run for it, prompting a hectic chase back down the hill.

Other levels are epic in scale. One’s set during the Macy’s Day parade in Manhattan, where you’re battling your way onto a float. Another is a battle through a labyrinthine library basement, all flying books and shield-wielding ghost Knights - and, yep, the return of that scary woman in the library. And if you were hoping for a Stay Puft appearance, how about a chase through New York’s city streets, culminating in an eye-shattering boss fight where you’re blasting at the Marshmallow Man from the side of a skyscraper while he claws his way up, his horrible distorted bug-eyed baby face grinning right at you; his fat, delicious arms throwing stone pillars at your face?


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