Ghostbusters The Video Game

The 4 player co-op is a full split-screen team of you and your mates, ghost-bustin’ through the solo missions. There’s also a competitive version which is still the solo missions, but turned into a beam-crisscrossing battle to be first to the ghosts. Then there’s Domination mode, which sounds a bit like king of the hill (the game - not the TV show): ancient artifacts are scattered around the map, and whoever ‘controls’ the most wins. Tack onto that a slew of minigames - like a 30-second battle to bag 100 ghosts, a shuffleboard-like Ghost Trap sliding test, a battle against overheating Proton Packs - and we’re likely looking at some of Wii’s most hectic, back-and-forth multiplayer.

We’re a long way off from playing the finished version of Ghostbusters The Video Game; the team’s aiming for a 2008 holiday release. That leaves old fans plenty of time to fire up their DVD players and dust off their lunchboxes from the Ghostbusters days of yore.