Ghostbusters - hands-on

13. "Two in the box." "Ready to go." "We be fast. They be slow."

At the end of our journey we cornered the little ghost, now made visible in his weakened state. We then had to catch him in the beams and slam him against the ground and ceiling until stunned. After throwing out the trap, we moved the little pus bucket over it and it was caught. It was a bit harder than it may sound, taking us a good five minutes to figure out the fishing-esque mechanic of ghost catching.

Below: A screenshot from the Wii version.

14. "Suck in the guts, guys, we're the Ghostbusters."

A vast majority of the cast has returned for this game, lending their voices. All four 'Busters are involved, as are Annie Potts (Janine the secretary) and others. Rick Moranis is holding out for some reason. Akroyd, Ramis and Hudson all sounded great in what we played - just like their old selves. Voice work in a digital medium is probably the best way for this to work out; have you seen Harold Ramis lately? It looks like he ate one big Twinkie.

15. "Back off, man. I'm a scientist."

The other guys are cool, but the above line is why Venkman is where it's at. Though Bill Murray is involved, in the level we played he was noticeably absent. "Where's Bill Murray?," several of us playing asked the PR guys as we started the game. At this point in the story, Venkman is somewhere else, and the other Ghostbusters kept wishing he were there as well. We just hope it isn't like this for the majority of the game with Murray appearing for like four lines of dialogue.

16. "How 'bout a little music?"

The developers weren't saying if the game will feature the famous theme song about wondering who you'll call, but it did have the original score and incidental music from the films. In fact, they said that the recording they got out of the film company's vault had over 70 minutes of unused music!

17. "But the kids love us!"

We only got to take a spin on the visually impressive 360 and PS3 versions, but there is also a Wii version coming as well. Obviously, the graphics are going to have to accommodate for the Wii's modest power, but we can think of more than a few fun uses for the remote and Nunchuk. However, do the philistine children of today even know about the Ghostbusters? Maybe this game will teach them a thing or two.

Below: Ghostbusters on the Wii.

18. "Better late than never."

Maybe some point in the '90s would have been the best time to make a new Ghostbusters movie, but the past is past. Now we, the fans and well-wishers, can get the closest thing to a Ghostbusters III there will ever be, and we even get to take part in the action. Here's hoping we see it soon and it only improves from this recent (and fun) showing.

Jul 14, 2008

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