Ghost Rider review

After Superman and Batman asked to be taken very seriously, Ghost Rider makes no pretense at being anything other than a genuine comic-book movie. A big, loud, very stupid comic-book movie, in which even one of Nicolas Cage’s most pantomime performance doesn’t look too out of place – especially when his head is replaced with a CG flaming skull.

Motorbike stuntman Johnny Blaze’s deathly pallor, a result of a childhood deal with a demon, sees him driving up the side of buildings on a flaming Hellbike (which looks cool) and battle it out with Wes Bentley’s rubbish Satan Jr (which doesn’t).

Daredevil director Mark Steven Johnson returns with another hit-and-run affair, where story and dialogue get steamrollered by an intense rush of slick visuals and hyper-edits. It’s fun in places, but the second you’re out the cinema, Ghost Rider vanishes from memory in a big puff of smoke.



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