Get the most out of PSP Remote Play

Final Fantasy VII
This is Remote Play's biggest success. Why? Two reasons. Firstly, the game rarely depends on lightning-fast reactions, so the control lag isn't an issue for the majority of play time. Secondly, with pre-rendered, very slow-moving backgrounds, the PSP can update the quality of the compressed image over the space of a second or so to eliminate most of the blocky 'artifacts' that come from low-quality video, so it looks mint. And on the few occasions where you need to time movements, such as the squats minigame... well, you can always play that bit on the PS3 itself. After all, you've also got to change discs, right? Or do you keep your little brother on standby in case you need him to do it for you?

Metal Slug X
This one really shouldn't work (as it's quite a fast-paced action game), yet somehow it does. The lag doesn't seem to matter so much when you're simply blasting everything with a stream of hot lead from your heavy machine gun. And while you might need to do some quick evading during boss battles, most of the projectiles are in clear view for long enough that you can avoid them with an early jump.

Above: Fast-paced but playable? A surprise success for Remote Play

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