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  • New Practice Levels

    Finish the game using arcade mode to unlock 3 new practice levels that can be used in practice mode
    Submitted by None
  • Get Female Character

    At the arcade mode select screen press A + B
    Submitted by None
  • Get Sonic Lure

    Use consumer mode to finish all five tournaments
    Submitted by None
  • Big Fish

    First pass it in arcade mode , then go to practice mode choose the lake "Cave" cast stright into the cave. And If you hear "Big one comming" its at least a 15 pounder.
    Submitted by John Marino
  • Palace Level

    Finish the first 2 tournaments in Consumer mode, & it will open up "Palace", the final stage of Arcade mode. Which there is nothing but huge fish.
    Submitted by John Marino
  • New Area in Tournament Mode

    When in tournament mode, press the X button and at the bottom right hand of your screen a small map will appear.Use the joystick to choose the new area and press the A button.
    Submitted by Kyle

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