Geometry Wars Galaxies

Why Wii and DS?

Carpenter: We felt that the fun and retro-modern gameplay style that Geometry Wars has would work perfectly on Nintendo platforms. Both Nintendo platforms have control methods that can match the Xbox 360’s intuitive controls - meaning the game’s crucial link between control and gameplay could be kept. Another reason is that the combined DS and Wii sensibilities allowed us to provide a complementary game solution, at home and on the move.

What are the Wii controls like?

Carpenter: We’ll support as many possible control combos as you can think of, but the primary one uses the remote to fire and nunchuk to move. It’s very fluid.

What are the new weapons?

Carpenter: It’s too early to let them out of the bag. New weapons are just a small piece of a much larger series of changes from what people expect in Geometry Wars.

Can you choose the weapons or are they automatically assigned?

Carpenter: We anticipate weapons will be automatically assigned.

Is it as mind-blowingly tough as the Xbox 360 version?

Carpenter: We’ll provide the same intensity, but you’ll find the gameplay makes the game a lot more accessible. I’m sure we’ll see some huge scores going up on the leaderboards.

How does the DS link-up work?

Carpenter: Link up your copies on DS and Wii [presumably via wireless transfer - Ed] and we’ll give you a few nice surprises and rewards.

How does multiplayer work?

Carpenter: Wii is two-player, one screen. DS is two-player, over Wi-Fi.

Are there different levels or is it a continuous stream of enemies?

Carpenter: How we do this, you’ll have to wait and see. But there will be different “levels.” The game is huge compared to the previous Geometry Wars releases… hence the name.

Does it run as smoothly as the Xbox 360 version?

Carpenter: It runs at 60fps with as much eye candy as the Wii will allow, which is a lot. DS does a great job too. The move from Xbox Live Arcade was reasonably smooth for both formats.


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