Geometry Wars Galaxies

Why Wii and DS?

Carpenter: We felt that the fun and retro-modern gameplay style that Geometry Wars has would work perfectly on Nintendo platforms. Both Nintendo platforms have control methods that can match the Xbox 360%26rsquo;s intuitive controls - meaning the game%26rsquo;s crucial link between control and gameplay could be kept. Another reason is that the combined DS and Wii sensibilities allowed us to provide a complementary game solution, at home and on the move.

What are the Wii controls like?

Carpenter: We%26rsquo;ll support as many possible control combos as you can think of, but the primary one uses the remote to fire and nunchuk to move. It%26rsquo;s very fluid.

What are the new weapons?

Carpenter: It%26rsquo;s too early to let them out of the bag. New weapons are just a small piece of a much larger series of changes from what people expect in Geometry Wars.

Can you choose the weapons or are they automatically assigned?

Carpenter: We anticipate weapons will be automatically assigned.