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Gene Wars Cheats

  • Enable Cheats

    *Type SALMONAXE during gameplay to activate cheatmode. Tap the keys listed below to activate the cheats.
    C: gives access to all hybrids and purebreds.
    D: gives memory statistics.
    L: summons more monoliths.
    T: makes structures translucent.
    W: win. successfully completes the current mission.
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  • Cheat Codes

    To activate these cheats simply type SALMONAXE, then press these keys/key combinations
    Code Description
    W Win immediately
    B Instantly builds or upgrades
    C Access all purebreds and hybrids
    D Shows memory info
    L Summon monoliths
    S Improves technology
    T Makes buildings translucent
    SHIFT-Z Reveals the full map
    F5 Duranium bulb appears at cursor
    F6 Drop bombs from cursor
    F7 Shoot at selected creature
    F10 Adds money
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