Gears of War 2: War Journal Walkthrough

War Journal #22 – “Interoffice Memo”

Niles the creepy television personality welcomes you to the New Hope Wellness Facility. Before heading into the room full of monitors, search the small dark room to your right. The war journal is near the back wall, opposite the monitors.

War Journal #23 – “Memo – Dr. Doug Sato”

After you’ve used the turrets to wipe out the room of Wretches, Niles will tell you that “we aim to please at New Hope. Yes... we do.” Around this time, look for an open door to your right. The narrow hallway inside will double back in the opposite direction towards a closed door. Kick the door down and grab the war journal inside.

War Journal #24 – “New Hope Medical File”

"Good empirical scientific research is the foundation of any civilized society." When Niles says this, you should be standing in a relatively large room with criss-crossing turret spotlights. Head to the far wall and look for a red turret switch next to a door. Beyond that door is the war journal.