Gary Ross making Matt Helm now?

Gary Ross is suddenly a man in demand, and his schedule seems to be shifting - with word that he'll tackle Matt Helm next.

The Playlist reports that Ross - who has been writing Spider-Man 4 and was recently attached to pen and make Spidey villain spin-off Venom - is now also attached to spy project Matt Helm.

You might remember it as one of the many projects Steven Spielberg had in development, saw jeopardised by  DreamWorks' split with Paramount and then grabbed back, only for the bearded one to eventually shove it on hold.

But with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci spearheading development as producers (when those two sleep is anyone's guess) and Paul Attanasio having written a solid latest draft, it's now reportedly back on track.

And Ross may even put Helm before Venom, bringing the character from Donald Hamilton's novels to life with a modern-day spin.

So who is currently being considered for Helm's sharp suits? George Clooney was naturally in the running, as was Jon Hamm. But current hot these Bradley Cooper is now being targeted, though no deals are in place yet.

If Ross finds a lead, chances are he'll shoot next year…

[Source: The Playlist]

Is Ross taking on too much? Or is he perfect for this?


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