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Garfield: Caught in the Act Cheats, Codes & Guides

Garfield: Caught in the Act faqs

  • Submitted by RoyalRanger

Garfield: Caught in the Act Cheats

  • Levels mode

    To enable other level's, match the picture's as below
    level 2: garfield, odie, granny
    level 3: chicken, jon, bear
    level 4: monster, arlene, mouse
    level 5: odie, bear, arlene
    level 6: jon, granny, garfield
    level 7: mouse, chicken, monster
    Submitted by kamal
  • Invincibility

    After entering the multi-command, pause the game, then press [Jump]. Now you can do anything but die or kill. To get out of this state, press [Shoot].
    Submitted by Promit

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