Gaming’s most bizarre decisions

They did what!? Say hello to gaming's most bungled business decisions

Decca Records famously passing on signing the Beatles because they thought guitar bands were "on the way out." George Clooney’s suit being given plastic nipples in Batman & Robin. That’s two quick examples of history been plagued by downright ridiculous decisions right there. Video games are no different. And whether it’s Mircosoft failing to give the 360 a feature the Dreamcast enjoyed 10 years ago or Hideo Kojima thinking everyone would be fine with Snake getting replaced by a mop-headed man lady; the following decisions are just downright bizarre.

Sega's sneaky Saturn release

As console releases go, this was as under the radar as they come. Planned with all the stealth of a covert military op, Sega led everyone to believe its soon to be ill-fated console would be released on September 9th, 1995. The date was dubbed ‘Saturnday’, but as loyal Sega drones were saving up their pennies and dreaming of 32 bit textures, the company announced at E3 in May that the console was already out - four months earlier than expected. Now that’s some properly consumerist sneaky shit, right there.

Above: A typical Sega marketing strategist circa 95

Was the decision defendable?

Was the decision defendable?

Was the decision defendable?

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