Gaming’s greatest Draculas

Spotted in: Suikoden (PSOne, PS3), Suikoden II (PSOne)

Habits: Turning into clouds of bats, unsuccessfully kidnapping “brides,” playing pipe organs dramatically in front of stained-glass portraits of himself.

Great because: Proof that Draculas don’t always have to take center stage to be memorable, Neclord hits all the right notes for a minor villain: he’s pompous, overconfident and tends to prey on those weaker than himself. He’s not a traditional vampire, having been transformed by magic instead of blood-drinking or a curse, but the cape and affectation for pipe organs mark him as a classic Dracula.

However, he’s also proof that being a Dracula is sometimes skin-deep. He talks a good game, but Neclord’s a classic coward, and when his back is against the wall and his powers are taken away, he turns into a sniveling little bitch.

So long, Neclord. Out of all the Draculas on this list, your death was probably the most gratifying.