Gaming’s greatest Draculas

The world's most famous vampire has had many faces - these are our favorites

Spotted in: Nosferatu (SNES)

Habits: Floating around, choking and tossing intruders, turning into a huge bat, dealing out awesome kicks to the face.

Great because: Unlike the last two entries, this guy isn’t actually named Dracula, but he fits the part better than either of them. A key part of being Dracula is getting dolled up in a tuxedo and cape just so you can sort of hang around in a musty haunted castle, so this guy’s unnecessary sartorial splendor makes him a Dracula even if he prefers to go by Nosferatu.

While most other Draculas seem to prefer a hands-off approach, relying on bullshit magic to dispatch heroes, Nosferatu seems to relish a good fight, with his close-quarters attacks disrupted only by his need to float up near the ceiling and/or occasionally turn into a weird bat-thing.

He can also unleash a mean kick, something just out-of-character enough to justify us calling him out despite the shitty, abortive Prince of Persia-meets-Castlevania mess of a game he inhabits.

Surprisingly, though, he was the only vampire we’ve ever heard of who could be punched to death by one man, leaving us to wonder how in the hell he got to be so feared.


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