Gaming's biggest movie rip-offs

Perpetrator: Duke Nukem 3D


The man himself is simply a walking hybrid of sci-fi and horror action heroes. Firstly, just look at him. The impossibly chiselled bulk. The sunglasses. The fondness for tight vest tops and ammo belts as day to day accessories. The cigars, for God's sake! If he doesn't remind you of a certain governator of California (Clue: He's called Arnold Schwarzenegger) then we very much doubt you've ever seen a movie, left the house, or summoned up the strength to open your own eyes.

And as for his personality, he's a 150% steroid-boosted version of Lord Bruce of Campbell. He might be one of our most charismatic action heroes, but Duke has barely got an original line in his arsenal. The whole "Come get some" demeanour is Bruce in Army Of Darkness, and half of his dialogue is lifted from Evil Dead movies. Throw in the bubblegum line from John Carpenter's under-rated cult classic 'They Live!' (Seriously, what is it with that guy and videogames?) and a whole bunch of suspiciously familiar slime-cocooned damsels and alien eggs, and you've got one of the most shamelessly movie-inspired game stars ever to be delayed a decade.


  • Chiropteran - September 28, 2008 1:21 p.m.

    Rip-off? Hmm. But why not? If you see something good, be inspired. Some of these are more "rip-off" than others. But if being inspired by previous work is rip-off, then Shakespeare is the greatest rip-off artist of all time. NOTHING he wrote was original, everything was inspired by previous work. Now, copying the plot, um, no, that's not good. But ideas can not be copyrighted. Who can claim that anything they've done is 100% original?
  • stuffblowupnation - January 12, 2009 11:44 p.m.

    Though it was a shameless ripoff TS2 still rox sox

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