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Czech site PG24 poses the question: “What better idea than a television channel about online gaming brought to you by online gamers themselves?” The answer: a television channel brought to you by online gamers with some common sense... which those involved in PG24 seem to lack. There’s a lot here, including interviews with high profile gamers, but it’s of limited use if you’re not Czech. And in a bid to pad out the day, everything is dragged out. One show seems to involve a man with his fly undone reading out text from a chat room for 80 minutes. There’s not much gaming going on.


Free South Korean TV-on-Demand service GOM TV is everything beautiful about games. Apparently, 70% of Koreans use it to watch porn (bless 'em), but they love their Starcraft too; and we mean LOVE, with two channels dedicated to it, and MBC Game. There are five leagues running at any one time, and most involve men wearing silly costumes and women in bikinis, so it’s all good clean fun. Although the commentary is for a large part baffling, you get the gist when they start shouting. If Starcraft doesn’t float your boat, there’s Warcraft II, Counter-Strike and more.


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