GamesRadar's Anti-Awards 2007

Winner: Spider-Man 3
Activision |360,PS3,PC,PS2,Wii

There's no need to crack jokes about comic book games. They tend to suck, we get it. But Spider-Man 2 was an exception, a shiny jewel in a desert of feces-covered coal. Its free-roaming city and unprecedented sense of web-slinging freedom opened our eyes to how good a comic game could be. So, when Spider-Man 3 came along on next-gen hardware, we expected great things.

Aaaaand we all know how that turned out. Buggy programming, stuttering graphics, idiotic enemies, tired gameplay (rage meter!) and nonsensical missions overshadowed the moderately impressive Spidey battle animations. The real offense came from the PS2 and Wii versions, which actually look and play worse than Spider-Man 2, a game from three years ago!

Scratched disc: Super Mario Galaxy
Nintendo |Wii

Whoa there, fanboys - we love the game, so shush. What we can't stand is Luigi. We waited years to play a 3D platformer as the Other Brother, yet can barely manage it due to the industrial strength slipping sauce seeping from Luigi's shoes. He's clumsy, whatever. It's just not fun.