GamesRadar's Anti-Awards 2007

Winner: Lair
Sony |PS3

The first few times we saw it, Lair was shaping up to be one of the PS3's best games. On paper, it had everything going for it; it was developed by the same studio that gave us the excellent Rogue Squadron games, it made full use of the then-novel Sixaxis motion controls and it looked phenomenal. And when we first played it, we got crazy excited about stomping through legions of armored infantry on a dragon's back like a wolf among lambs. It had a few glaring problems, but we figured they'd be hammered out before launch - that's what all the delays were for, right?

Then it was released, and it wasn't just disappointing - it was straight-up awful. The Sixaxis-only controls were terrible, of course, but Lair's real flaws were shallow gameplay and a host of technical problems that made it much more difficult and frustrating than its designers probably intended. Lair might have made a decent launch-day show of force for Sony, but having our expectations for this steaming dragon turd built up throughout the year that followed makes it 2007's biggest disappointment.

Scratched disc: Def Jam ICON
EA Chicago |360,PS3

When we first saw this, our minds were blown; near-photorealistic rappers were tossing each other around a fantastically detailed arena that shook and shifted with every beat. Then it turned out that that was really all there was to the game, and, well, this story sort of ends with it being marked down to $15 at retail.