GamesRadar's alternative 2007 hit list

Our hot and alternative Wii tips for 2007...

Mercury Meltdown Revolution
Publisher: Atari • Developer: Ignition • Formats: Wii • Out: Spring 2007

There was really only ever one way that this blobby puzzler was meant to be played and that was by harnessing the power of tilt. Sadly, the game's first home, PSP, couldn't oblige with any such motion magic and, while enjoyable, both Mercury games on Sony's handheld felt less intuitive than they should have. This niggle can now be addressed thanks to Wii and, hopefully, navigating the silvery globule around the levitating levels will be second-nature simple, making for an even more engaging, compelling brain teaser than ever.
Mercury Meltdown Revolution

No More Heroes
Publisher: TBA • Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture • Formats: Wii • Out: 2007

In the absence of any lightsaber duelling Wii-mote opportunities, No More Heroes' beam katana weapon promises to be the next best thing. In fact, No More Heroes should be light years ahead of any inevitably mediocre Star Wars-based blade battlers - the beautifully ballistic combat, the assassin-slicing storyline, the kick ass comic-book visuals... everything about No More Heroes is devastatingly stylish. Without a doubt, this promises to be one of Wii's most radical games. Let's just pray that it makes its 2007 release as planned.
No More Heroes

Above: If Tarantino had a crack at making games we're pretty sure he'd come up with something like the awesomely cool No More Heroes

We're also watching...

Fire Emblem: The Goddess of Dawn
Publisher: Nintendo • Developer: Intelligent Systems • Formats: Wii • Out: 2007

We would love to see this excellent sword and sorcery turn-based RPG series make an appearance on DS, but we'll take our square hopping battling wherever we can get it. And at least it shouldn't be too taxing on Wiiry arms.

Project HAMMER
Publisher: Nintendo • Developer: Nintendo • Formats: Wii • Out: 2007

As concepts go it's utterly brainless: take charge of a cyborg goliath and repel attacking hordes of killer robots using a honking great hammer. We're mostly looking forward to the inevitably oversized hammer peripheral, though.
Project HAMMER

Publisher: Nibris • Developer: Nibris • Formats: Wii • Out: Late 2007

A black and white horror-based curiosity that cites Ico and Resident Evil among its influences. Sadness could really go either way: we're hoping for 'outstanding and original,' but it could easily be 'monochromatic poop'.

Super Swing Golf
Publisher: Tecmo • Developer: Tecmo • Formats: Wii • Out: 2007

Super sweet fantasy golf that's irresistibly fun yet still manages to deliver surprisingly real swings and shots with the Wii remote. If you thought Wii Sports' taster was good, this leaves it buried in the bunker.
Super Swing Golf


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