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Our hot and alternative PS2 tips for 2007...

Publisher: Capcom • Developer: Clover Studio • Formats: PS2 • Out: February 2007

We kid you not when we say that Okami could be one of our favourite PS2 games ever. Its cel-shaded, hand drawn-style visuals are achingly beautiful and lure you effortlessly into the stunning world that developer Clover Studio has masterfully created. Dazzling original touches and moments of genuine, heart-warming joy keep you entranced throughout. Never mind our sentimental gushing, though, just do yourself a favour and make a late New Year's resolution to play Okami at any cost.

Rogue Galaxy
Publisher: Sony • Developer: Level-5 • Formats: PS2 • Out: Summer 2007

For role-play enthusiasts this gorgeous looking space epic from the creator of Dark Cloud and Dragon Quest promises to be a spectacular last RPG hurrah for PS2 and is sure to provide a welcome fix for anyone suffering cold turkey after completing Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King. It's got space pirates, planet hopping, lively combat, sweet cel-shaded visuals, cool characters... basically, it's one big flashing neon sign that screams 'play me'.
Rogue Galaxy

Above: Games as beautiful and enchanting as Okami are rarely sighted. Don't let it slip by unnoticed

We're also watching...

Ape Escape Million Monkeys
Publisher: Sony • Developer: Sony • Formats: PS2 • Out: 2007

All our previous tangles with Sony's monkey mash have always been an absolute joy, so one last chance to duke it out with the chimps on PS2 is something we're looking forward to with relish. Homemade banana relish.

Free Running
Publisher: Reef Entertainment • Developer: Rebellion • Formats: PS2, PSP • Out: Early 2007

Prince of Persia style acrobatics in a modern day urban environment - if the variety of moves is plentiful and the level design refined to allow for truly free flowing vertical and horizontal concrete caressing antics than this could be a satisfying work out.
Free Running

God Hand
Publisher: Capcom • Developer: Clover Studio • Formats: PS2 • Out: February 2007

Tougher than a weighty sack of gravel this exercise in brutal super-violence isn't for gamers who are easily beaten into submission. However, if you like fighting games flavoured with Japanese weirdness and are into that whole masochistic thing then this has got your name all over it.
God Hand

Lumines Plus
Publisher: Buena Vista Games • Developer: Q Entertainment • Formats: PS2 • Out: March 2007

Not simply the best puzzle game on PSP, but one of the best puzzlers ever - period. If you've yet to sample the intoxicating, music-fuelled, block dropping artistry of Lumines then make sure you spin this inside your PS2 disc tray and join the party.

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