GamesRadar vs. Shirley Phelps-Roper

GR: Okay. Well on January 22nd, you announced that you were going to protest Heath Ledger’s funeral.

SRP: Yes. We said we were going to protest Heath Ledger’s memorial.

GR: Well why protest his memorial?

SRP: Well, because Heath Ledger’s [portrayal of a gay character in Brokeback Mountain] - every person needs to be warned that if you adopt his rebellion against the standards of God, then you will join him in Hell.

GR: Does his upcoming role as the Joker diminish your anticipation for the new Batman movie?

SPR: Hon, don’t you understand? I don’t care about that new Batman movie.

GR: Really!?

SPR: What I know is that Heath Ledger has been cut off by an angry God and he’s in Hell for eternity. If he’s been there two weeks, eternity minus two weeks equals what?

GR: But the Joker’s cool with you? You’d let your kids play LEGO Batman?

SPR: I don’t know what LEGO Batman is. I know what LEGOs are.

GR: It’s [a] LEGO-fied videogame.

SPR: Whether they play it or not has nothing to do with this discussion.

GR: So there will be no need for

SPR: We’ve already registered godhates****.com,,, ***************.com,

GR: What game would God love?

SPR: I don’t know. I don’t even understand that question. That’s reducing the grace of God to lasciviousness. Forget that.

GR: If you could just give us some parting wisdom, something like God loves Mario, God loves Master Chief?

SPR: No. Those two discussions don’t belong in the realm together. Keeping your gaming away… keep your gaming mouth off of God. Don’t take the word of God into your mouth when you’re turning it into lasciviousness, because He’ll hold you accountable for that. All that goofy talking, you’ll have to give an explanation for that. Why would you want to do that?

GR: So you see games as an increasing cause of lewd behavior?

SPR: No I see games as a result - those games you’ve described - to be the result of the rebellion you’ve been taught. You understand you can have games, and have a lot of fun, and be in there, and be entertained and never cross over into being filthy brutes.

GR: Agreed. So you don’t think videogames had any influence on Columbine or the Virginia Tech shooting?

SPR: No. Of course not. Here’s what the Bible says about that question you just asked, and you asked a good question there. Do I think games had any influence on Columbine? No. The scripture says this about that: “It is not what you take in that corrupts you. You were already corrupt.” It’s your dark evil heart. It’s your dark evil heart that corrupts you. You think up all your goofy notions and your filthy deeds because the heart is deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked, and who could know it? Thus causing the Lord Your God to say, “Don’t give place to all that nonsense - to all that nonsense that comes out of your corrupt heart.”

GR: So you do think that there’s a positive aspect to games?

SPR: I think that you can use them. And you can play and still obey and serve the Lord Your God.

GR: What’s your ideal game? A protesting simulator?

SPR: Nah. All that game stuff… I wouldn’t even waste my mental energy trying to think that through.

Thank God that's over. If you take issue with any of the thoughts and opinions expressed by Mrs. Phelps-Roper, then it is your divine right to air your grievances in our very pious forum.

Mar 27, 2008


  • FunkSoulBrother - July 16, 2010 12:20 p.m.

    I'm Catholic and she is freaking insane. Insane!"Looks like there were two Christian Nuts on that podcast" said Chris. She belongs in a mental institute.
  • GamesRadarJuniorWildlifeEditor - April 9, 2010 11:09 p.m. 'nuff said.
  • Trg564 - March 30, 2010 2:23 a.m.

    As much as I don't want to sound violent, I hope the crazy lady goes through the pearly gates with some appendages missing
  • 4fromK - March 28, 2010 9:45 p.m.

    I kind of liked her. but then I admire someone who says what they really believe, even (maybe especially) if that beleif is as batshit insane as "heath ledger is in hell for portraying gay people". Oh and LOL I just googled the "biblical quote" she said about columbine, and it has ONE result. this article :P
  • mutantsquid - March 25, 2010 6:19 p.m.

  • ultimatepunchrod - March 25, 2010 3:50 p.m.

    this woman seems a little sick in the head. i dont really think she's in her right mind because no one who has read ANY part of the Bible would think this way normally. anyway she is ridiculous to protest funerals. whats the point of making people feel worse when a loved one has already died. sick
  • Lolspamm0r - March 25, 2010 11:05 a.m.

    What a creepy person...
  • Kenzo - March 25, 2010 4:45 a.m.

    she's just dead wrong. the bible is all about how much God loves his people, not how everyone but some extremist is going to hell. God is Love, not hatred, and he loves everyone uncoditionally, EVERYONE. Even Mrs. psycho here. God hates sin and the devil, but he loves us, the sinners, because we are his children. The truly saddest part is that she is so dead-set on hating everyone that she has lost sight of what God's word really says, and takes little snippets of verses out of context so they fit her hate filled view of the world. I hope she comes to her senses before it's too late
  • cnote1239 - March 25, 2010 12:19 a.m.

    this lady's crazy but i'd wanna talk to her and try to understand how she forumulated her beliefs. it's psychologically interesting on so many levels.
  • GaryRedShoes - March 24, 2010 9:58 p.m.

    she is a bible noob.
  • ergreenday - March 24, 2010 9:42 p.m.

    Oh my god! This lady is the truest form of a oxi-moron! This is a fu@king insane woman!
  • Ded - March 24, 2010 9:24 p.m.

    Oh my god, did you manage to keep a straight face during that? The Phoenix Wright question lolled me up XD Wonder what she would make of a relgion-heavy game like Dante's Inferno, Darksiders or Bayonetta...
  • AngryScotsman - March 24, 2010 9:06 p.m.

    "[BioWare] are children of a doomed America". But BioWare's Canadian...
  • TheIronMaiden - March 24, 2010 8:32 p.m.

    well I was ex military and I saw the warning yet kept reading on. Don't worry...she'll get her just cause (HA!) one day.
  • AlexMercer1337 - February 7, 2010 7:22 a.m.

    She's so f-ing fascist, but what ticks me off is her blinding ignorance and petty beliefs. I think she thinks she's right, but she's just a bitch.
  • Thantos410 - February 1, 2010 10:57 p.m.

    That was far the most sick and twisted depiction of Christianity I've ever heard. Bravo Mrs. Crazy Woman!
  • hudiscapidicus - January 18, 2010 1:27 a.m.

    This is brilliant, I love how crazy religious Americans can be, this woman is a caricature of everything that's wrong with organised religion. I would love to spend a holiday in her mind (a very short one tho), it would be facinating, in a bizzare and terrifying sort of way... reCAPTCHA: handing negotiated. Sounds like haggling over the price of a happy-ending...
  • StupidFaceXD - November 12, 2008 3:38 a.m.

    I don't know if the people who said she needs to die are Christians or not, but the Bible says do not wish evil upon your enemies (sorry, I don't know the actual verse.) All I have to say is she isn't Christian. Her twisted mentality of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ is so deluded it's as though they she was repeatedly beat up side the head with a bat. So I really think that she should go and read the ACTUAL Bible and not a cult's bible. By the way, I am a Christian. :D
  • katwood92 - November 7, 2008 12:34 a.m.

    As Christian, I can guarantee that she is not going where she thinks that she is. God is kind and merciful, and He spends a whole book saying so. She accuses others of corrupting the Word of God, but when you point a finger, four point back at you. She needs to reread the Bible, because she missed the main points. Her views on the Bible are so warped, the only reason that I could force myself to read it was because they were so illogical that I didn't really understand the "finer" points of what she was saying (and I'm no idiot. I had a 12th grade reading level, in the 6th grade. I'm now in 11th grade.). She professes hate and practices it herself, when the Bible clearly teaches love. She is the one who needs to get a clue! She misses concepts in the Bible that my six-year-old cousin clearly understands. I feel sorry for the 11 innocent children who were born to her, and all the others born into her wicked, corrupt "religion" that makes a mockery of Christian values, morals and even the God she claims to worship.
  • tarrow25 - November 5, 2008 9:31 p.m.

    John 3:16 says "for god so loved the world that he gave his own son that whoever believes in his shall never perish but have eternal life", not "For god so hated the world that he sent a crazy b*tch to damn us all to the firey bowels of hell". If your going to use the world of god to push forward your cult, then you should at least run the bible. I really do hope, for your sake, that god is merciful, because if he's not then I hope you enjoy hell.

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