Black Friday 2012 deals - A gamer's guide to the best holiday sales

Your guide to the biggest gaming bargains of 2012

GAMEFLY - Sale starts Friday

Online enter and retailer Gamefly is giving PC gamers a reason to log in this week. According to numerous sources, it will be offering a slew of PC downloadable titles for 20% from this Friday to Cyber Monday. To partake in the deal, account members must enter in the one-time coupon code NOV20OFF. Reported games and their Black Friday price include:

Friday only

Battlefield Premium: $29.99, Kingdoms Of Amalur Reckoning: $7.99, Medal Of Honor Warfighter: $29.99, Need For Speed Most Wanted: $24.99, and Two Worlds 2: Game of the Year Edition - Pirates Of The Flying Fortress Edition: $9.99.

Friday to Monday

All previously listed games plus Borderlands 2: $44.99, Command And Conquer Ultimate Collection: $24.99, Darksiders II: $16.99, Darksiders II Season Pass Dlc: $6.80, Dishonored: $29.99, Doom 3 BFG: $14.99, Endless Space - Admiral Edition: $20.09, Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition: $14.99, FIFA 13: $19.99, Hotline Miami: $7.49 (Friday & Saturday only), Mafia II: $7.49, Mass Effect Trilogy: $29.99, Sims 3 Refresh: $14.99, Sims 3 Seasons: $19.99, Sims 3 Supernatural: $19.99, Skyrim: $29.99, Sleeping Dogs Digital Edition: $24.99, Spec Ops: The Line: $7.49, Syndicate: $4.99, The Darkness II: $7.49, The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim: $29.99, Torchlight 2: $14.99, and Xcom - Enemy Unknown: $44.99.