Gamescom 2010: New Fable 3 screens bring massive hammers, beautiful environments, and zombie raves

Well that's what it looks like anyway. Check 'em out and let your eyeballs drool a bit

And while we assume the shot directlybelow is of some kind of magical Hollow Man blasting, it could just as easily be construed as a snapshot from a night of hard clubbing in a laser-strewn Ibiza dancehall. During the Industrial Revolution. With zombies. So full points there.Scroll on for the rest.


Above: Almost a Shadow of the Colossus vibe here

Above: We assume this is that cable car thing fromthe last set of screens. Exploding. Brightly

Above: Insert ambient choral work here

Above: Raving or getting shot in the face. Choices are limited for a Hollow Man

Above: The people are looking a whole lot less plasticy this time around

Above: We'll assume he'll be the bad guy then

Above: We wish this man was our Grandad

Above: It looks like things are going to get deserty. Is this one of the neighbouring countries previously mentioned?

Above: Between the bare chest, beard and massive hammer, this screenshot could not be more manly