Games you can't play in front of your girlfriend

Available on: PS2, Xbox

Released in 2003, Manhunt jammed you into the unpleasantly filthy shoes of James Earl Cash, a newly "ex" ex-con who has been busted out of the hoosegow on the eve of his execution by a creepily sadistic filmmaker. Oh wait, it gets worse: this nasty auteur demands payment for springing you from the joint in the form of helping him create the most gruesome snuff film ever. This set-up still turns our stomach every time we read it.

As you trudge through Manhunt 's gritty, bleak levels, you receive instructions from the director on who to kill and sometimes even how to do it. An array of uncomfortable utensils are available to dispatch your targets, but we're already starting to get a little queasy... give us a second to steady ourselves and read the rest under the screenshot below.

Why you can't be caught playing this:
Unless your girlfriend's idea of a romantic evening consists of a Faces of Death marathon, you might want to think twice before exposing her to your twisted Manhunt sessions. Everything in this game is designed to shock and horrify even the most cold-blooded of child molesters. When you spend extra time and attention stalking your victims, the reward is bonus gore in the cinematic that illustrates your kill.

After watching you suffocate a dozen or so serial killers with a dirty plastic bag she'll be questioning her sanity and wondering what kind of sicko she's been hanging out with. While you're at it, getting rid of that tape you made of Mr. Blonde cutting off the cop's ear in Reservoir Dogs looped continuously for 2 hours might be a good idea too. 

Similar offender:
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PS2, Xbox)
While it's not nearly as creepy as Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gets graphic in its own perverted sort of way. While most of the action in the game won't raise any alarms, you'll want to make sure you don't zone out the next time you beat a prostitute to death with a double-sided dildo.

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  • spartan_n30 - June 26, 2009 5:21 p.m.

    no male gamer can resist buying doaxbv. why? cause otherwise what other game could we play to have a excuese to stare at digital women?

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