The new games of October 2013

October 31 (cont'd)

Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut

Platform: PC

Access Games's oddball horror game is set stalk PC this Halloween, bringing the open-world mystery to a whole new audience. Like its console counterparts, the Director's Cut will offer an enhanced Deadly Premonitions experience, complete with refined controls, sharper graphics, and additional content which will offer more insight into the oddities and terrors surrounding the town of Greenvale.

Deadly Premonitions tells the tale of an FBI special agent named Francis York Morgan who's investigations into a ritualistic murder threaten to destroy his very soul. Read our thoughts on this bizarre and engrossing horror genre entry in our Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut .

Football Manager 2014

Platforms: PC, Mac

Armchair coaches and freelance statisticians rejoice! Sports Interactive's soccer management sim returns this month with a slew of new features and mechanics to keep number-crunchers busy well into the next season.

Football Manager 2014 will arrive with improvements to nearly every facet of the game. This includes an improved match engine, a complete redesign of its tactics selection process, more detailed transfers and contracts, enhanced communications with staff, players, and press; an improved news systems; and refined user interface. This year's version also comes packed with a re-jigged Football Manager Classic mode, allowing players to choose from three playable nations and enjoy a slew of new mechanics.

Planning to take your team management on the go? Football Manager 2014 will let PS Vita save their game to the cloud and pick up the action on PC, Mac, or Linux.

TBA October release

Tetrabot and Co.

Platform: PC

Tetrobot is need of some interior maintenance, and its up to its itty bitty brother robot, Psychobot, to do the heavy lifting. Enter: Tetrobot and Co., a unique indie puzzler that will see Pyschobot buzzing around Tetrabot's inner machinery to keep everything working by solving a series of physics based conundrums.

Tetrobot and Co. is a spiritual spin-off to Swing Swing Submarine's Blocks that Matter. It will cram Tetrabot with over 50 puzzles and oodles of secrets to discover.

The Dark Eye Demonicon

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

The Dark Eye pen and paper paper universe is set to expand once again this fall. The Dark Eye: Demonicon will return players to German role-playing series with a new epic that will follow a pair of siblings who must save their homeland from demonic forces and dark temptations.

Told with a third-person action-RPG style, The Dark Eye: Demonicon will treat fans to a familiar world rife with magical powers, breathtaking sights, and twisted dangers. Discover the mythical world that awaits in our preview, Demonicon is now more Mass Effect, less Left 4 Dead.

Wasteland 2

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360

The game that inspired the Fallout series is getting a comeback of its own this month thanks to everyone who chipped in for the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter. Developed by inXile Entertainment, led by Wasteland creator Brian Fargo, Wasteland 2 will abandon players in an alternate timeline where both nuclear attacks and meteor showers have torn the world asunder, leaving survivors to fend for themselves under post-apocalyptic conditions. Leading a squad of vigilante 'Rangers”, players will set out to bring a sense of order and justice to this new world, with each squad member armed with unique skills and abilities to help them survive the odds.

With its use to top-down, turn based combat in a post-apocalyptic setting, Wasteland 2 could easily be mistaken for a classic Fallout homage. Considering Fallout was itself inspired by the original 1988 Wasteland, and Brian Fargo is also the creator of Fallout, that's completely understandable. Learn how Wasteland 2 will keep fans of the old-school isometric warfare happy in "Player choice is everything" - Q&A with Fallout creator Brian Fargo.