The new games of November 2013

November 15 (cont'd)

World of Warplanes

Platform: PC

In case War Thunder isn't enough to satisfy your dog-fighting appetite, this free-to-play MMO from looks primed to fill the gap. Playing similar to World of Tanks (and using the same BigWorld engine) World of Warplanes will strap players into an assortment of aerial vehicles collected from key periods through the history of aviation. These will include fighters, ground-attack aircrafts, and heavy aircrafts from around the globe--all of which will become high-flying weapons in team-based battles.

War Thunder has been in beta testing since 2011. This month's release will mark the game's official release.

X Rebirth

Platform: PC

From developer Egosoft and publisher Deep Silver comes this sixth entry in the X sci-fi trading and combat simulator. Much like the name implies, Rebirth will see the franchise made anew with new gameplay innovations, a new user interface, and some adaptations to make the X series more welcoming to new players (while still posing a traditional challenge for veterans).

Combining white-knuckle space combat with the brainy trade negotiations and intergalactic exploration, X Rebirth looks like it will honor its fanbase well while introducing the series to rookie space travelers. As for what they'll be getting up to, X Rebirth will find players linking up with a female partner to survive a universe still struggling to rebuild itself after a devastating supernova.

XCOM: Enemy Within

Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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The fight for earth continues in this expansion to 2012's XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Loaded with new missions, squad gear, multiplayer modes, and more facilities with which to enhance your party members, Enemy Within will come loaded with incentives to dive back in to Firaxis Games's tactical strategy hit.

Plotwise, XCOM: Enemy Within will expand the original's storyline through the introduction of an all new threat known as Exalt who, along with new alien types, will test XCOM squads over 40 new battlefields. Among the many new additions include the ability to imbue party members with augmentations via the Genetic Lab, or construct enhanced MEC allies in the Cybernetics Lab. A wealth of weapon tweaks, gear additions, and new tactical options will also make Enemy Within a “must have” add-on. Learn more about who you'll be taking on in our preview, Fight aliens and humans alike in XCOM: Enemy Within.

Zumba Fitness World Party

Platforms: Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, Xbox One (Nov. 19)

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Ever wonder what all those fit moms and buff dudes are going on about? Now's your chance to see first-hand with the next-gen version of Zoë Mode's latest Zumba game, featuring over 40 new routines set to music from Marc Anthony, Cazzette, Pitbull, and Skank (just nod and pretend you know them).

If this is your first Zumba party, all you need to know is it's essentially a series of fitness routines set to high-tempo samba music. World Party will include over 30 dance styles, an A-list cast of Zumba instructors, and a Progress Tracker Plus that will help you follow and rate all areas of your fitness routine. Xbox One owners will have the added benefit of going hands free with the Kinect, and bringing in a friend to travel the globe in the two-player World Tour mode. No word yet if Zoë Mode plans to invite PS4 to the party.

November 19

Need for Speed Rivals

Platforms: PS3, 360, PC (PS4 and Xbox One Nov. 22)
EU: PS4 (Nov. 29)

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Need for Speed has been on a roll lately, out to reclaim its spot as top racing game with reboots of Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted along with the more cinematic, The Run. Now EA is taking it into the next generation while still keeping its feet firmly planted in the current gen as well. That's Need for Speed Rivals, a multiplayer focused racer that intends to build on what Most Wanted had done the year previous and then upping the graphical horsepower.

Racing games have long been used to showcase a new console's graphics, but players sticking with their current systems should still have a pretty game to look forward too. And no matter where you play it, longtime fans should be happy to know that the Ferrari is back. You can see more in our recent preview.

NBA Live 14

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One (Nov. 22)
EU: PS4 (Nov. 29)

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As we mentioned in speaking of NBA 2K14's entry, November heralds the return of EA's classic basketball franchise. Like NBA 2K14, EA is pulling out all the moves to make its b-ball franchise the launch game of choice for both PS4 and Xbox One. Backed by EA's new IGNITE engine, buzzwords like Bouncetek and CourtQ, as well as new online game types, NBA Live 14 aims to bring the franchise back in a big way after its four-year hiatus.

NBA Live 14 will star Kyle Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers as its front man. We'll have to see if he, and the rest of EA's team, can make the NBA Live franchise's return memorable when it faces 2K's squad in the next-gen match up. Your predictions?

November 22

Crimson Dragon

Platform: Xbox One

The Panzer Dragoon franchise soars once more (in spirit, anyways) in this on-rails shooter for Xbox One. Raised from the ashes by Panzer Dragoon director Yukio Futatsugi and composer Saori Kobayashi, Crimson Dragon finds humanity at the brink of extinction with only one rider (read: you) possessing the strength and courage to mount his dragon steed and set things right.

Crimson Dragon was originally planned for release to showcase the 360's Kinect, but was held back for Microsoft's next-gen challenger. It'll feature optional Kinect controls and the ability to plays as six types of dragons, each with their own powers and abilities. Read why the delay may have helped in .

Powerstar Golf

Platform: Xbox One

Meet Frank, Reiko, Kiara, Master Laoshi, Henry Copperbottom, and Dominique--the Pixar-esque stars of Zoe Mode's Powerstar Golf. Taking more than a few cues from the HotShots Gold series, Powerstar Golf will tee up a cartoony, 18-hole romp featuring a cast of golfers who each have something to offer. Frank, for instance, will come to the game with a powerful Rocket Shot ability; while Henry's “illusion ball” trick will allow players to clone their golfballs in mid-flight; and Kiara's “Lucky Clover” skill will ensure wayward shots are directed back to the fairway. Powerstar Golf will launch as an Xbox One exclusive, with rumblings that it will be free to play (with microtransactions, of course).

Fighter Within

Platform: Xbox One
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Xbox One

Ubisoft invites you to “unleash your inner fighter” and/or “see how crappy you are in a somewhat-real fight” in this Kinect-fuelled brawler. Promising total-body combat controls via the Xbox One's Kinect, Fighter Within will pit players against foes sporting a varied range of fighting styles, skills, and finishing moves.

Want to bring the pain to friends? Fighter Within will afford players the option of challenging pals to online matches. Learn how Ubisoft aims to turn your living room into a sweaty Fight Club venue in our preview, Fighter Within is an Xbox One Kinect-only game and you know exactly how it plays.