The new games of November 2013

Your guide to the the year's hottest gaming month

November 15 (cont'd)


Platform: PS4, Xbox One (Nov. 22)
EU: PS4 (Nov. 29)

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Brace yourself for a new age of footy as EA's premier soccer franchise takes the pitch for next-gen consoles. Predictable graphical and performance upgrades aside, the PS4 and Xbox One versions will sport the same mechanics and overall enhancements as their current gen teammates. These include the new Pure Shot function, which allows for greater control over the angle and approach when kicking the ball; precision movement, enhancing the way players can weave down the field; and numerous physics and teammate AI enhancements.

Microsoft fans will have special access to FIFA 14's Legends, a feature allowing Xbox 360 and Xbox One players to obtain notable players like Pelé, Patrick Vieira, and Freddie Ljungberg from buyable Gold Packs or FIFA 14's Transfer market. Each legend will lace up with their own personal attributes and can be bundled together to make a so-called Ultimate Team. FIFA 14 is already out for current consoles. Find out what we thought in our FIFA 14 review.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Platform: PS4
November 29

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It's been 30 years since the events of Killzone 3, and now a cold war festers between remaining Vektans and Helghast refugees. Enter: Lucas Kellan, an elite member of the Shadow Marshals, who's duty is to keep the peace between the two factions who are separated by one measly wall and three decades of bottled up resentment.

PS4 owners itching to return to Sony's exclusive first-person shooter will be able to do so on launch day with a physical Blu-ray copy or a bulky 50BG download. It will also deploy with two Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 bundles. All versions will include a sizable multiplayer component featuring 24-player battles and various horde and combat modes. Learn more about Killzone's next gen debut in Killzone: Shadowfall gives you open-world choices.


Platform: PS4
EU: November 29

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What do we know about Knack? Not much, to be honest. At least, not as much as Sony's other PS4 launch titles. Aside from turning heads at E3 2013, and being lauded as a Pixar-esque platformer for the PS4, there's still much to uncover about SCE Japan Studio's IP. And if our early impressions in Sony has a knack for family-friendly platformers are to be trusted, we're eager to learn more.

What we do know is Knack stars a robotic hero of the same name who must absorb the power of ancient relics to defend mankind against a new threat. We also know it comes from the mind of Mark Cerny, whom you might remember from Ratchet & Clank, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Jak and Daxter, and as designer of the PS4. Lastly, we know it will sport two-player co-op in a an adventure tailor made for the PS4. Sound appealing? We think so. Here's hoping Knack is the start of something special on the PS4 when it crash lands into our hearts this fall.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Platform: PS4, Xbox One (Nov. 22)
EU: PS4 (Nov. 29)

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Marvel Comic's mightiest and most villainous are grouping up for another clickety-clack TT Games outing. Taking its cues from the open world madness of LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will set players loose in bricked version of Manhattan populated by hundreds of familiar Marvel mini-figures and iconic locales such as the Stark Tower, X-Mansion, Asteroid M, and the Hydra Base. In addition to smashing things up and collecting cosmic bricks, players will lead their miniature heroes to victory over Doctor Doom and his legion of LEGO baddies.

As to what will separate this version from its PS3 and Xbox 360 brethren, released last month, we're not entirely sure. Expect crisper graphics, faster action, and possibly some integration with the respective motion controls for both systems.

Madden NFL 25

Platform: PS4, Xbox One (Nov. 22)
EU: PS4 (Nov. 29)

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EA's premier (American) football franchise is celebrating its silver anniversary. So what does that mean for you? According to EA, it means 10 times the detail, unparalleled player control, and more believable worlds both on and off the field. Running off EA Sports's IGNITE technology, Madden 25 will honor its quarter-century of football gaming domination with new features including True Step, enabling better control over every little movement; Player Sense, offering AI enhancements to each and every player; and War in the Trenches, a feature that will place offensive and defensive lines at the core of the game experience.

Xbox One owners will have even more ways to experience their game through the SmartGlass-enabled CoachGlass feature. New to the series, the application will allow players unprecedented access to player stats, play recommendations, opponent analysis, online game updates, and the ability to hand off defensive strategies to a teammate. Madden NFL is already out for current gen systems. Find out how it redefines EA's game in Madden NFL 25 review.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Platform: Wii U
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Wii U

The Sonic and Mario rivalry is taking a turn for the chilly this November. Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will pit the plumber against hedgehog in 16 Olympic events including skiing, skating, snowboarding, four-man bobsleigh, and other winter activities. The Mario & Sonic series' 'Dream Events' will also make a return, testing Olympic hopefuls with eight extreme versions of events such as hockey, curling, and figure skating.

As usual, it won't just be Mario & Sonic competing for Olympic glory. The two video game mascots will be joined by regulars from both franchises including Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Eggman, to name a scant few.


Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
EU: PS4 (Nov. 29)

Mojang's build-a-world title is branching into next-gen territory with the launch of the PS4, and later the Xbox One. The port is being handled by 4J Studios, co-developers of the Xbox 360 Minecraft version, who told fans to expect an experience on par (and slightly tweaked) from its current version, noting, “The underlying game code will be the same version across all consoles, so at least Xbox 360's TU13 equipment.”

If you've somehow never heard of this global phenomenon, Minecraft is a world builder wherein players craft structures using resources and tools harvested from their virtual lands. An optional survival mode challenges players to gather vital resources during the day and survive dark terrors at night. Minecraft was developed my Markus “Notch” Persson, owner of the Mojang studio, and has continued to grow in popularity since its official release in 2011.

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