Game babes: A history

Ogling through the ages, from Atari to PS3

The definitive video game babe: Samus Aran

Metroid: Beat the game fast enough and you'll see Samus, heretofore believed to be a dude, take off her clothes and reveal herself as a - gasp - woman. The first real instance of a girl kicking serious ass in games.

Super Metroid: Samus wears her suit through the entire game, but once again, a speedy, item-hoarding exit rewards you with a bikini-clad blonde. Looks decidedly more womanlike than the last.

Metroid Prime: Nearly a decade later and she's all done up in polygons. Too bad even the best ending gets you nothing but a distraught Samus head, with her lady frame trapped underneath six inches of space steel.

Metroid Zero Mission: Once again, performance affects your ending screen, only now you can witness one of many different images based on time and items found. First appearance of Samus in Zero Suit and the overlooked two-piece orange suit

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Zero Mission brought us the Zero Suit, a skintight spandex outfit that finally made Samus' sex appeal shoot through the roof. Classy yet risqué, it's the ultimate achievement in girl power.

She, along with Princess Zelda, could be the only virtual girl who's had every stage of her lifechronicledby official sources. From child to bounty hunter adult, here's all the bonus Samus you'll ever need - crappy music included.