Galactic Civilizations II: The Dark Avatar

Galactic Civilizations II: The Dark Avatar looks better, too. The graphics have been given a bit of polish. Asteroid fields give the universe that lived-in look, and they make for handy industrial production zones, too. The tech tree is now a lot easier to navigate and plan with, putting the final touches on the many tweaks developer Stardock has made to that crucial screen. The popular ship design mode has been expanded to allow you to use templates of designs you like, and includes even more options for making your ships appear fearsome.

Lots of promised additions aren’t in place yet. The expansion campaign has to be finished, and there is no hint yet as to how the “epic generator” - a story-telling utility - will look or feel. The universe changing “mega-events” are a nice option, but it will take many dozens of replays to see how they balance or imbalance a game.

Now tapped for a February 2007 release, Dark Avatar will try to make a universe of endless possibilities even bigger.


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