Fury just got better

Nov 7, 2007

Fury has just injected some sex appeal into their PvP-oriented MMO with FHM's Girl Next Door model, Siobhan Parekh. As you can see below, this new character modeled after Miss Parekh specializes in kicking guys in the groin, which has us a bit confused about whether this shamelessly sexy promotion was meant to turn young men on or lead them to clamp their legs in a protective pose, or both.

Above: We contacted representatives from Fury's developer, Auran to find out ifSiobhan Parehkonly plays Fury in sexy underwear but received no comment

But that's not the only news on the Fury front. The developers have decided to release the game for free for ten days in conjunction with a giant update that addresses some of our chief concerns with this experimental title.

Besides the expected tweaks you usually find in an update, expect an increase in performance with better frame rates and new game maps. Since Fury's sometimes chunky animations were one of our main problems with the game when sampling the beta, we're curious to see if it's much better since the latest update. According to Auran, some users are reporting that their frame rates have doubled, which sounds promising.

Check it out for yourself byclicking here for your free trial key. While you're downloading the client, you can check out more shots Parekh and her Fury character by clicking onward.