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Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge Cheats, Codes & Guides

Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge Cheats

  • Easy Way for More Ammo

    In the place with the basketball court is go to the place where you go to when a free shopping spree. Choose any character and go in. After that he'll say you have 60seconds to get whatever. After you finish you can get another character and go in again.
    Get Museum Key
    How to get the museum key. After you talk to the animal. He throws the key into a meteor look behind the meteor. There will be another meteor with green lasers push it into the meteor with the key in it. Then the key should fall out.
    Get a Rocket launcher
    In lower New Quack City when you go to the bridge that is up. Go down the hill and turn right and go straight you will go to a door that will you can open and there is three birds in there and they will say you are the 1000 customer and you get to grab anything you want for so much amount of time. You go up the stairs and go down the rows and you will see a new gun you don't have shoot the glass and jump up and get it and you can get all of them but one to get bullets.
    Get to New Quack City
    Go down to the station and use the token you got given by the seal.
    Getting The Baby on the other side of Building
    First you must go on the top of the building and look through the telescope and see the baby and you go around the building and kill 4 bears two on one side and two and the other side and you go and talk to the shadow person. When he tells you to make the building move or something like that you go to where the yellow button is on the wall and press and you do the same thing to the other side 2 times back and forth until you see the baby jump other to your building and it is Dog looken person's baby.
    Hidden Flea Deathmatch
    Beat General Viggo and you'll unlock this hidden game......(Viggo is easier than the other bosses)
    Hidden Flea Area:
    On the Lower East Quack level, travel beyond the area where you catch a ride on the subway train. Go to the end where you see a brown fence and a little hole near the lower left side. When you are there, turn left to see a Chang transport. Once you are on Chang go though the hole, and on to the boxes. Chang will start scratching himself all over. You will then be transported on his back as a flea with a heavy-machine gun.
    Mole cheat
    When you are in the towers of the city and you get past the security bird and when you are in the computer room look for the computer that has a wierd symbol on it and shoot it then save your game and you have unlocked a secret multiplayer level
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