Fun with character editors

The PC Gamer staff enters The Political Machine 2008

The Political Machine 2008 lets players create their own presidential candidates to compete in the general election against the current nominees, past contenders, or other fictional creations. While it’s not the most robust editor we’ve ever seen (that distinction might go to Oblivion or Age of Conan) it can do something all the other fancy character editors out there can’t. Not only did it successfully capture the visages of the PC Gamer staff, but it was able to accurately represent our most strongly-held political opinions as well.

Dan Stapleton, Senior Associate Editor
In favor of: Videogame Violence, Crackdown on Paparazzi

Logan Decker, Senior Editor
In favor of: Fixing the Obesity Crisis, Raising Fuel Efficiency Standards

Kristen Salvatore, Editor-in-Chief
In favor of: Uncovering Alien Conspiracies, Galactic Conquest

Jun 27, 2008