Fun in Liberty City

For whatever reason, you can't fly in LCS; helicopters are unjackable, and all of those planes on the runway are off-limits. But that doesn't mean you can't go places you're not supposed to.

We're normally not fans of cheating, but in a free-form game like Grand Theft Auto, we find we can be much more creative if the rules are turned off. And thanks to the "Cars Drive on Water" cheat (O, X, Down, O, X, Up, L1, L1), the entire city is fully explorable right from the start.

This also lends itself to some interesting glitches. If you drive off a cliff into the water and tip the car as you fall, it'll submerge and you'll die, just like always. Sometimes, though, the car will automatically flip itself out of the water and land on its wheels. Other times, if you press the "exit" button at just the right moment, it'll let you get out and stand on the car, which will just sit there. Sometimes the car will even try to flip itself out of the water to let you out, which for us resulted in our ride getting stuck in mid-air.

With nowhere to go and nothing else to do, we beat the car up with a hockey stick we just happened to have handy. The car blew up, which we somehow survived, and we were then able to stand on it as it bobbed in the water, surrounded by a sea of instant death.

At least we caught it on video.