Full Auto 2 - hands-on

As you race, you’ll notice your targeting reticule turn from white to yellow. That means you’ve locked on to an environmental hotspot. Hit the triangle button and you’ll send rockets to destroy part of the city’s infrastructure, which will then block your opponent’s path or open up a shortcut for you. The hotspots do reset after you pass them however, meaning neither you nor your opponent can take a huge advantage, but whether that was a hardware constraint or balance issue wasn’t discussed with us.

The cars, nay, combat vehicles controlled pretty well. The designs we chose handled turns pretty well but due to the PSP’s sole analog nubbin, steering and aiming have been mapped to the same control stick. It makes driving and shooting a little easier, but definitely skews the game towards racing rather than destruction. Not to worry, because the combat arenas make an appearance for you to settle scores with your enemies - or your friends (whether you hate them is up to you).

Battlelines is shaping up nicely for its late March debut. Deep Fried has been going the extra mile to provide players with plenty of content that is mostly different from the console version. Check back soon for a review and see whether these are skid marks you won’t be embarrassed to have in your pants.


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