Full Auto 2: Battlelines - hands-on

The arena battle mode pitted us against a slew of computer-controlled opponents in more or less a straight deathmatch. The arenas are hollowed out urban areas, full of dead ends and ramps. There was even a train running through the level - we learned the hard way when we slammed into its side head-first and exploded. Somehow, playing this sort of mode against the computer just didn't seem as interesting as the race: arenas definitely call out for online play.

What we were struck by, too, is how the game seems to lack the fine polish of some of the other launch titles on display. While everything ran smoothly, the menus were a little sluggish and, well, no professional graphic designers were harmed in the crafting of its tacky interface and stupid-looking cars. But let's be honest: you're not going to care when you go online and start unloading hot lead into other happy new PS3 owners. Full Auto 2 is as obvious and basic as games get, but these sort of broad strokes are called for when new systems ship. By the time you get bored with it, something bigger and shinier will be available. Maybe MotorStorm?


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