Fugly Pokemon


Main offense: Awkward sexiness, lack of creativity 

What went wrong: We learned from our earlier run-in with Castform that we don't want our Pokemon trying to be sexy, because it will only end up coming off creepy.  Lopunny, however, takes things to a whole new level of vague discomfort. Everything from its suggestive cry to its pose

And why does the male Lopunny look the same? We'll chalk that up to lack of creativity. Back in the day, Nidoran-F and Nidoran-M had their own separate forms, and it would have made sense to do the same thing for Lopunny. Since one form is so feminine, it would have been cool to have another form that was very masculine, like a Machamp-esque bunny. It's called sexual dimorphism, look it up.

Lesson learned: Pokemon and sex are two worlds that should not collide.

Above: The Pokemon Battle Revolution rendition of Lopunny is much improved from the Lopunny we first saw in Diamond and Pearl