Frontlines: Fuel of War

Not that you’re helpless, of course. Frontlines uses a combination of traditional kit and cutting-edge military tech to give you the sort of death-dealing options traditionally only available to Ming the Merciless. At the bottom end is your own kit - preferred options here might include taking a flag, then smothering it in proximity mines and leaving it “abandoned” for the opposition to blunder into. Then there are more advanced forms of nastiness - drones, for example, that can do everything from spy on enemy positions to acting as miniaturized air support. And then there’s the drones’ Actual Size equivalent - choppers and F-15s that can be called in to offer air support. Bring in a gunship and you’ll see it hover in from a distance, dishing out hot lead and chewing the ground up like an angry god.

As fleshed-out as Frontlines is, there’s plenty to add before it's released. Weapons need tweaking and the sniper rifle improving, but this one looks like a worthy contender to the Battlefield crown. Just watch that fuel gauge…


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