Frontlines: Fuel of War

In the solo game, things kick off with a small squad of Western coalition soldiers flying to their new base of operations. Predictably, the base has been overrun and it’s a matter of seconds before some wag puts a rocket up the gunship’s tailpipe and forces a crash landing. From there, things get tricky - first there’s the attempt to secure the crash site, then it’s a question of taking territory so our brave boys can fire off a distress call from a radio tower.

What’s most impressive about Frontlines is the AI. Your team is smart, but the enemies are terrifying. Most basically, they’ll respond to what you’re doing - hole up and they’ll try to flank you, but press the action button and they’ll withdraw to cover or lead you into an ambush. Once, we were chasing an enemy trooper around a corner when he ran into three of his friends and took us down in a hail of bullets. They’ll even respond to what’s going on in their environment - leave a jeep lying around and they’ll hop into it and chase you down.