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From Russia With Love review

The British superspy slides onto Sony's handheld, but is this pared-down Bond worth your money?

In the game's defense, the controls do a decent job of skirting the PSP's limitations. You can control the camera with the face buttons (horizontal movement only, though), and lock on to hard-to-see enemies by hitting the left trigger. You can also use "Bond focus," which lets you zoom in and target body parts (or, on some enemies, grenades or weak spots) for extra style points. However, since nudging the camera left and entering Bond focus are both done with the same button, you'll often find yourself "focusing" accidentally. And since entering focus immobilizes Bond, this is especially bad in the middle of a gunfight.

Above: Bond focus in action. Note little yellow targeting cursor and suggested target spots

If there's a good reason to pick up the PSP version, it's the multiplayer modes. Using the PSP's built-in WiFi, you can take on five friends (or five AI opponents) in four different deathmatch modes - two on foot, two in jetpacks. The options are a little sparse (only two maps for jetpack dogfights?), but the action is fun, even if you can't use the close-up judo moves from the single-player game.

More Info

DescriptionEasily the most exciting and accurate recreation of the Bond experience in a long time.
PlatformGameCube, PSP, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360
US censor ratingTeen
UK censor rating16+
Release date3 November 2005 (US), 3 November 2005 (UK)