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Last time Pierre Morel lent his name to something, we got the awesome Liam Neeson vehicle Taken , a film so bad ass it made Transporter 2 look like Transporter 3 .

This time around the name of the flick is From Paris With Love , again co-written and produced by Luc Besson, champion of French B-Movie cinema for two decades.

The plot follows American spy Charlie Wax (a freshly shorn John Travolta), as he hooks up with US Embassy employee Richard Stevens (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers), in order to foil a terrorist plot in Paris.

Expect nonsense, carnage and awesome in excellently large helpings (trailer courtesy of;



Well that looks like fun. In terms of the tone of the pic, it seems more in line with the Taxi films produced by parent company Europa Corp (and remade horribly by hire-a-hack Tim Story in the US), and with Travolta playing to his mean side (his best side) this should be quite the film.

Not to mention another entry in the 'what hell is going on with Travolta's hair?' scrapbook.

Rhys-Meyers also seems suitably cast as the Jimmy Stewart-esque fall guy who has to man up and get with the program, though what the program is, we have no idea. We're also pretty sick of the name 'Wax' by the end of the trailer.

From Paris With Love is released early next year.

From Paris With Love? Or From Paris With 'God-This-Looks-Awful'? Comment!


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